Reception and Year 1 Summer Assembly

Reception and year one’s summer assembly was all about sea animals. The children chose the animals to use, the facts to read and also the songs to sing. It was an amazing performance created solely by the children of both year groups. For many weeks the children practised really hard and continued to change the format until they were totally happy with the presentation from beginning to end! Maybe we are seeing the beginnings of future directors, and I am sure there are also a few budding actors within the group!!! They were very proud of their performance and this is so nice to see in children so young. Tolerance and respect are skills that we are not born with and these have to be learnt. In all our classes this has been emphasised and reinforced and by listening to others we quickly learn to be part of a wider group both in work and play. This is essential as we have four nationatilities in our class and the final song the children chose reflects the real diversity of the world we live in and also the class in chich we work. The children learnt all the songs really quickly but the final song was their favourite. Twelve little super stars took to the stage today at the Sierra Bernia School and, as their teacher, I could not be more proud of them all! Thank you to all the parents for attending and supporting your children, I hope you enjoyed the assembly as much as myself and your wonderful children!

Debby Parrish – class teacher.

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