This trimester Year 5 &6 have been studying the ancient Greeks in their Literacy, History, ICT and Geography lessons and had such fun learning about the ancient Greek gods, myths, culture and architecture.
On Friday 29th April they presented successfully their own versions of famous myths and the work they have been doing in ICT (Mazes on Minecraft).

More specifically, they acted out the following myths:
Pandora’s Box
Theseus and the Minotaur and
Medusa’s myth.

Students were dressed-up as the well-known Gods, Goddesses and heroes/ heroines.
The Ancient Greeks believed that all the gods came from Gaia (g-eye-a) which means the Earth, and Uranus which is the sky. They thought they were like adult humans – always falling in love, arguing, having children, playing music and partying.

Like the Romans, the Greeks believed that different gods were responsible for different things.
The Greeks believed that twelve most important gods and goddesses lived at the top of Mount Olympus. They were a family and, just like a human family, they argued as well as looking after each other.

After studying them and the different parts of life that they represented our students made a shield for each god showing their symbol.


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